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    Bake a Bible Story

    Bake a Bible Story

    Personal Info

    To make a donation to the Bible Society of Namibia, you can make payment through the following options, bank or via Pay today:

    First National Bank - John Meinert Branch

    Account Number; 555 7091 7730

    Branch Code; 280 872


    Bank Windhoek - Kudu Branch

    Account Number; 1131252201

    Branch Code; 482172

    or Via

    Pay Today: (The client will open the PayToday App on their phone, search for Bible Society of Namibia under the “Business” tab, select Bible Society of Namibia, enter the amount to pay and enter their CVV number to authorize the payment.)

    Donation Total: $ 250.00

    Bake a Bible Competition

    • Cakes must be made by the participant.
    • Cakes must be delivered between 08:00 am – 09:00 am, 07th August 2021 @ Maerua Mall (In front of Mr. Price)
    • Cakes must be submitted on a disposable plate, aluminum pan, or aluminum cover cardboard.
    • Upon submission, all cakes will be considered as a donation to the Bible Society of Namibia & will be sold for funds towards the Children’s projects. Cakes will be auctioned to raise funds for the Children’s Bible Fundraising project.
    • Cakes must be accompanied by 4 cupcakes for tasting and judging (Cupcakes should be made of the same dough & icing decorations as the cake).
    • Winners will be announced at approximately 1 pm.
    • There cannot be any identifying labels on any
    • Judges’ decisions are final no