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    The current exchange rate is 1.00 NAD equals 0.05 USD.
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    To make a donation to the Bible Society of Namibia, you can make payment through the following options, bank or via Pay today:

    First National Bank - John Meinert Branch

    Account Number; 555 7091 7730

    Branch Code; 280 872


    Bank Windhoek - Kudu Branch

    Account Number; 1131252201

    Branch Code; 482172

    or Via

    Pay Today: (The client will open the PayToday App on their phone, search for Bible Society of Namibia under the “Business” tab, select Bible Society of Namibia, enter the amount to pay and enter their CVV number to authorize the payment.)




    Donation Total: $7.33

    #MyGift blesses us

    We appreciate your continuous support in helping us achieve our MISSION, namely, to ensure that every Namibian can afford a Bible in their language. By taking part in our projects, gives you the opportunity to share our mission. After all, the Bible is the most sought-after book in the world to bring HOPE and HEALING to people.

    We are excited to continue the work of sharing the Bible in partnership with you.

    In 2020, the #MyGift project was introduced with the principle of raising funds to make Bibles affordable for everyone. The #MyGift is a pill container that a child/class/group/individual fills with N$5 coins, and once full it amounts to N$140 which is split as follows: N$100 supports half the price of a Bible, and N$40 is used to sponsor a child to attend a Trauma Healing Camp.
    #My Gift installs the value of giving and these values:
    • It makes the youth aware of the important role of the Bible in their lives.
    • It creates the opportunity for young people to learn to invest financially in the availability of affordable Bibles in the future; and,
    It builds a special relationship between children/groups/individuals and the Bible Society of Namibia.

    We appeal to you to be part of this project. The containers are available on request from our offices.

    A group of children that benefited from the #MyGift project